Case Study:

Inside Providence Country Day School's Four-Year Journey to Nearly Double Enrollment

Kevin Folan
Kevin Folan

An interview with:

Kevin Folan

Head of School

Providence Country Day School

The Story of Nearly Doubling Enrollment in Four Years

There’s something exciting about being nimble.

Who doesn’t want to give yourself permission to try new things and back it up with a commitment to measure effectiveness and iterate based on results?

But it can be challenging for schools, especially when reimagining the business model.

It's not for a lack of interest. To date, I've spoken with more than 70 current and former heads of school, and there's little pushback that the model is challenged.

More so, it's due to the impediments holding us back.

One is the simple fact that change is hard. What if something doesn't work? What will my community think?

These are hard questions to wrestle with, but when you hit on change and develop a culture of agile thinking... wow, good things can happen.

This case study with Kevin Folan, the Head of School at Providence Country Day (PCD), exemplifies how an agile mindset can lead to transformative results.

He and his team embraced multifaceted strategies that catapulted the school's enrollment to nearly double in a mere four-year span.

From resetting tuition (and yielding a significant increase in enrolled students) to introducing an innovative educational playbook to creating a groundbreaking online academy with global partnerships, PCD has blended tradition with a spirit of nimble change.

And if you read my newsletter issue sharing the essential question Northeastern University asks ahead of any merger and acquisition conversation ("What can we do together that alone we can't do?"), then you'll appreciate this next part of PCD's story.

They acquired an elementary school, allowing PCD to serve students preK-12 (vs. grade 6-12 pre-merger) and live their mission in new and exciting ways.

You'll learn about this and more in our 30-minute interview.

It's a deep dive into the intricate dance of maintaining a school's core values while pioneering change. It makes it a must-watch if you're curious about ways to reimagine the independent school business model.

Thanks to Kevin Folan for sharing the PCD story and showcasing what can happen when you and your school embrace a spirit of nimbleness.

While your results may differ from PCD’s, giving yourself permission to break from the set-in-stone playbook and be okay with reimagining it in your own iterative way, transformative things can happen.

Just look at the examples of PCD, Indian Creek School, and Applewild School. All achieved different and impressive results, but each leaned into nimbleness and iteration. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

Hear how a spirit of nimbleness set the mindset to nearly double enrollment in four years .

What comes with the case study?

1. Watch the video or listen to it as a podcast.

Watch Kevin Folan share how an iterative and nimble mindset allowed Providence Country Day School to nearly double enrollment in four years. The interview is available as a podcast as well!

2. Interview transcript

For the note-takers at heart: Dive into our detailed interview transcript and jot down your insights.

3. Discussion prompts

Dive into the lessons at your next team meeting using a set of curated discussion prompts. Dig deeper into how PCD's experience relates to your school and spark meaningful conversations to drive progress.

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