Empowering leaders to reimagine the independent school business model.

A Learning Platform and Community for Mastering Business and Entrepreneurial Skills for Financially Sustainable Schools.

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Tackling the Top Concern:
91% of School Heads Strive for Sustainability.
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Are you facing the sustainability crunch like *91% of school heads? MoonshotOS is your partner. We're not just talking theory but delivering hands-on business and entrepreneurial training for you and your team to directly tackle the independent school business model.

Dive into MoonshotOS and be the leader who turns the tide, securing a thriving future for your school.

*Source: NAIS Research: 2023 Hot Issues Survey: Challenges and Opportunities for Independent Schools

Learn the three ways you can work with MoonshotOS!

Moonshot + Operating System(OS) =

Turning bold ideas into reality with the right systems, skill training, community, and strategies. With MoonshotOS, it's not just about dreaming big—it's about making it happen.

Moonshot Labs

Moonshot Lab: A Community of Peers!

Our community is where independent school leaders can acquire business skills that could cost thousands of dollars per person elsewhere.

MoonshotOS offers a cost-effective path to equip yourself and your team, all tailored to the unique landscape of independent schools. It's a place to build business and entrepreneurial skills and solve challenging issues facing the business model.

  • Four Membership Levels

We offer an individual membership for aspiring leaders and for schools seeking to enroll multiple team members, we offer three school-based membership options.

  • Expert Coaching Sessions

Interactive coaching with industry leaders. Challenge concepts, gain insights, and tailor-make wisdom for your journey.

  • Connect with Peers

Come for the learning, and stay for the community of schools. Connect with professionals with a similar passion to build skills and reimagine the independent school business model.

  • Innovation Sprints

Be part of a transformative experience, blending expert guidance with hands-on learning to create practical prototypes for your school.

  • On-Demand and Cohort-based Workshops

Access to all cohort-based and on-demand workshops at no additional charge. Start by enrolling in A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools.

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MoonshotOS Member Community
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Join 900+ independent school leaders, getting firsthand business model analysis, industry case studies, and practical entrepreneurial delivered to their inbox every week.

In-Person Training and Workshops

Business Model Retreat

Our one-day Business Model Retreat brings your leadership together for a comprehensive exploration of your school's business strategy. Throughout the day, we will strategically assess your business model, identify key challenges, and uncover opportunities for meaningful innovation.

Retreat Highlights:

  • Customized Experience: We tailor the retreat to your institution's specific needs and strategic goals.

  • Pre-Retreat Assessment: Ahead of the retreat, we will issue an assessment to help the school identify business competency strengths and gaps to target crucial areas for development.

  • Hands-on Strategy Workshop: Throughout the day, your team will engage in practical activities to refine and enhance your business model.

  • Collective Visioning: The retreat will help to align the school's key decision-makers to create a shared understanding of your business model's challenges and opportunities.

Free case studies of schools iterating the business model!

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In-Person Training and Workshops

In-Person Training and Workshops

MoonshotOS offers in-person training and workshops blending theory with practice, focusing on the real-world challenges of managing and growing independent schools.

Dive into practical, hands-on activities to build the crucial business skills necessary for navigating the complexities of running a school.

Our approach is straightforward and practical, offering no-nonsense business decision-making strategies specifically tailored for leaders at all levels in the independent school

Strategic Decision-Making: A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools

Navigating the complexities of running an independent school with a multi-million dollar budget requires more than just academic expertise; it requires solid business acumen.

This hands-on workshop teaches a straightforward, effective framework for business decision-making. It’s a no-frills, practical approach that directly addresses the real-world challenges faced in school management.

1/2 day in-person session

On-Demand and Live Courses

On-Demand and Live Workshops

MoonshotOS features a growing collection of on-demand and live cohort-based workshops designed for busy independent school leaders. Build business and entrepreneurial know-how to propel yourself and your school!

Course are exclusive to Moonshot Lab.

Select courses from the course catalog:

A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools


10 Session

120 minutes

How Brewster Academy's Board and School Leadership Launched a Global Network of Schools


1 Session

45 minutes

Creating a Talent Development Model for Faculty Hiring and Retention


1 Session

51 minutes

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