Business Model Retreat for Independent Schools

Strategic Decision-Making:

A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools

Exclusive Business Model Retreat for Your School!

Does your school's business model align with your aspirations?

MoonshotOS' one-day retreat brings together your leadership and board members to delve deep into your business strategy. This retreat is tailored to strategically assess and enhance your business model, pinpointing challenges and uncovering opportunities for meaningful innovation.

What is the Business Model Retreat?

This retreat centers on a strategic process designed for your school to challenge and refine your business model. Throughout the day, your leadership team and board will participate in dynamic, facilitated sessions that are crafted to:

  • Critical Evaluation: Examine your current operational framework to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Collaborative Strategy: Work together to pinpoint and prioritize potential areas for growth and innovation

  • Idea Generation: Discover and develop new strategies that enhance your school's effectiveness and align with your long-term goals.

Why this retreat?

  • Customized Experience: This retreat is designed with your institution's specific needs and strategic goals, making every discussion and activity directly applicable.

  • Pre-Retreat Assessment: Before the retreat, your leadership team will complete a targeted assessment to identify your school's strengths and gaps related to iterating the business model. This will help you find crucial areas for development as you move forward with iterating the model.

  • Hands-on Strategy Workshop: The retreat is centered on practical activities designed to challenge and enhance your school's business model. Through hands-on sessions, your team will explore and apply proven frameworks to deepen understanding and uncover new opportunities.

  • Collective Visioning: Unite your school's key decision-makers to collaboratively refine and innovate your business model, ensuring everyone is aligned and ready to execute the plan.

Photos from the MoonshotOS Business Case Study Framework workshop.

Retreat Highlights

  • Tailored Keynote Insights: Kick off the day with insights that resonate with your school's history, culture, and aspirations.

  • Interactive Retreat: Engage in a customized workshop where your team will assess your business model, identifying actionable strategies and solutions.

  • Focused Strategy Day: Remove all distractions, allowing your team to concentrate solely on examining and enhancing your school's business model. This focused environment fosters deeper discussions, more detailed planning, and thorough exploration of how your school operates to find potential areas for improvement.

How is this different than other retreats?

Our Business Model Retreat is specifically designed with a singular focus: to meticulously assess and enhance the health of your school's business model. Here are some of the ways this retreat is unique:

  • Focused Assessment: We dedicate the entire retreat to evaluating the health of your school's business model. This intensive focus allows for a deep dive into the specifics of your current operations and strategic positioning.

  • Strategic Financial and Competitive Insights: The retreat is not just about finding where to cut costs; it's about unlocking potential savings, assessing your competitors, and uncovering new revenue streams. This lens ensures that every moment of the retreat supports strengthening your business model.

  • Collaborative Framework to Unify Stakeholders: This retreat brings together key stakeholders to evaluate your business model and develop a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

Retreat Outcomes

Participate in our business model retreat to unlock a range of strategic benefits tailored to the unique needs of your school. Here are some of the key outcomes you can expect:

  • Readiness Assessment: Conduct a pre-retreat assessment to understand your school's strengths and gaps, equipping you with the insights needed to gauge your readiness for change and focus the retreat effectively.

  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: Foster greater engagement and collaboration among all stakeholders, improving communication and consensus-building.

  • Identified Growth Opportunities: Discover new areas for growth and development tailored to your school's unique strengths and market position.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Pinpoint inefficiencies in your current business model and develop actionable strategies to streamline operations.

  • Strengthened Competitive Advantage: Better understand your competitive landscape and learn how to position your school as a leader in your niche.

Meet Your Facilitator

Peter Baron
Founder, MoonshotOS

Peter Baron is a dedicated and seasoned advocate for independent schools. His journey began with a personal transformational experience as a boarding student, which profoundly shaped his future, setting him on a path of over 20 years of service to schools.

Peter is the founder of MoonshotOS, a professional learning community empowering leaders to reimagine the independent school business model.

Peter served as the Chief Member Relations Officer for the Enrollment Management Association, directing EMA's marketing and communications, member recruitment and retention, outreach functions,  leadership training programs, research, and other related strategic initiatives.

With a career in association management, product development, sales, relationship development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and hosting more than 300 podcasts focused on leadership and independent school growth, Peter's success has been built on listening to schools' and families' needs — rooted in a deep commitment to the transformational experience that independent schools can have for students.

Peter has been recognized throughout his career for his strategic, compassionate, proactive, analytical, and highly collaborative approach. He has showcased his expertise at various conferences, from NAIS to EMA and numerous state and regional associations.

Schedule Your Retreat

Are you interested in scheduling a retreat or learning more? Contact us directly to discuss how we can tailor this experience to your school’s needs. 


Who should attend the retreat?

This retreat is specifically designed for leadership teams and board members who are involved in strategic decision-making.

What is the primary outcome of the retreat?

By the end of the retreat, your team will have a clearer understanding of your school's business model and potential opportunities for improvement and iteration.

How long does the retreat last?

The retreat is a full-day event that allows ample time for thorough discussion and business model assessment.

Is there any preparation required before the retreat?

Yes, your leadership team will complete a pre-retreat assessment to identify strengths and areas for development in your business model, setting the stage for a productive session.

How does this retreat differ from other strategic planning workshops?

This retreat is solely focused on refining and innovating your school's business model among key stakeholders.

Can the retreat be customized to our school's specific needs?

Absolutely! The retreat is fully customizable to tackle your school's unique challenges and opportunities.

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