About MoonshotOS

Hi! I'm Peter Baron.

Thanks for learning more about MoonshotOS, a learning and community platform founded to equip independent school leaders at all levels with the business and entrepreneurial know-how and systems to help ensure a financially sustainable future for your schools.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I created MoonshotOS.

I've spent the past 20+ years as an association leader, board member, and passionate champion for independent schools with one goal: to help you and your school succeed.

I've trained thousands of independent school leaders just like you in enrollment, marketing, hands-on social media training, information management, and so much more.

Summed up quickly— I'm a tireless advocate for independent schools.


Because independent schools reshape futures and trust me, I can vouch for this firsthand.

My experience at an independent school transformed a shy, disorganized student lacking confidence into a version of myself that looked 180 degrees different at graduation.

My gratitude for this was so overwhelming (and remains to this day!) that I knew by my senior year in high school that my future was in independent schools.

But here’s the thing: Every year, independent schools' financial challenges grow tougher.

I've spoken with more than 70 current and former heads of school during my discovery phase, and they all agree that the business model is under duress AND faces profound challenges with staff recruitment and hiring.

The NAIS 2023 Hot Issues Survey of 310 heads strongly reinforced these conversations:

✅ 100% of heads reported "finding and retaining qualified staff as workplace expectations shift" as a significant challenge.

✅ 91% of heads rated "ensuring the school's sustainability" as an issue facing their communities.

But you may be thinking, "Peter, people have been saying this model has been challenged for at least 20 years, but yet we're still here."

Well, circumstances have changed. Just consider some of the macro-level headwinds:

Mounting expenses

Increasing tuition discounts

A sharp drop in birthrates since 2008 resulting in fewer students

• Banks tightening access to credit

• And staff hiring and retention challenges, to name a few.

But I'm full of hope and optimism! And that optimism grew as I dug deeper into the "why" behind these challenges. I found myself asking this question:

Are we equipping our leaders with the necessary business and entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to solve these challenges?

Our community of independent school leaders is passionate, committed, and cares deeply about their communities. However, so many crave upskilling in business and entrepreneurship to turn these challenges into opportunities.

This is why I created MoonshotOS— to equip independent school leaders at all level with the business and entrepreneurial know-how, systems, and peer community to help you chart a new course.

Are you ready for you moonshot?

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