Case Study:

Doubling Applewild School’s Revenue in Four Years: The Power of Iterative Leadership

Amy Jolly
Amy Jolly

An interview with:

Amy Jolly

Head of School

Applewild School

The Story of a Financial Turnaround

In our 31-minute conversation, Amy Jolly, Head of School, Applewild School (Fitchburg, MA) shares how she and her team ​doubled the school's revenue in four years​ (yes, I wrote DOUBLED!).

You'll learn how she embraced an iterative approach to grow programs, sunset those that weren't working, and create an energy that excites the community about where they are today and where they'll go tomorrow.

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Hear how iterative thinking can transform daunting initiatives into achievable ones.

What comes with the case study?

1. Watch the video or listen to it as a podcast.

Watch Amy Jolly share how embracing an iterative mindset helped to double Applewild School's revenue in four years. The interview is available as a podcast as well!

2. Interview transcript

For the note-takers at heart: Dive into our detailed interview transcript and jot down your insights.

3. Discussion prompts

Dive into the lessons at your next team meeting using a set of curated discussion prompts. Dig deeper into how Applewild's experience relates to your school and spark meaningful conversations to drive progress.

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