Strategic Decision-Making:
A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools

Strategic Decision-Making:

A Business Case Framework for Independent Schools

A hand-on workshop empowering school leaders to make sound business decisions.

Real Skills, Real Scenarios: A hand-on workshop teaching how to assess new opportunities.

Are you ready to learn a framework to make better business decisions for your school?

Navigating the complexities of running an independent school with a multi-million dollar budget requires more than just academic expertise; it requires solid business acumen.

This hands-on workshop hones that acumen by teaching you a straightforward, effective framework for business decision-making. You'll learn to master a business case framework – a practical, no-nonsense approach tailored for the unique challenges of school management.

Walkaway with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze and validate opportunities, weigh decisions, and drive your school towards sustainable success.

The Program Outline

You'll learn a solid, repeatable framework to drive smarter decisions and growth in your school. Here's how the day works:

  • Part 1: Engage with the Business Case Canvas

    Start by delving into the Business Case Canvas, using it as a tool to dissect and understand real challenges and opportunities in school management.

  • Part 2: Interactive Problem-Solving

    Participate in dynamic group exercises where you and your colleagues will collaboratively address real-life scenarios, applying your newfound knowledge in a practical setting.

  • Part 3: Build Repeatable Strategies

    Walkaway from the training with a repeatable framework to make informed, impactful decisions for your school’s future.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Business Case Canvas Mastery: Dive deep into the Business Case Canvas — your essential framework for making smarter business decisions for your school. You'll learn how to use this framework effectively to analyze, strategize, and resolve the complex issues you face in running your school. It’s about turning seemingly complex opportunities into manageable action plans.

  • Half-Day of Practical Application: Experience a focused, 4-5 hour session of hands-on training with the Business Case Canvas. This isn’t just theory — it’s a workshop where you’ll actively apply the framework to real-world scenarios. By the end, you’ll have a versatile tool in your toolkit, one that you can use long after the event to make informed decisions and drive your school’s success.

  • Sharper Decision-Making: Learn how to tackle tough decisions head-on. You'll focus on practical strategies to weigh options and make choices that align with your school’s mission.

  • Strategic Leadership: Develop the foresight to spot opportunities and risks. You'll plan not just for the next term, but for the future of your school.

  • Team Dynamics and Leadership: Enhance your team’s performance. We’re talking about real-world collaboration skills that foster stronger, more effective leadership.

  • Confidence in Business Challenges: Boost your confidence in handling the business side of independent schools. After this workshop, you’ll be equipped to face financial and operational challenges with a new perspective.

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Baron
Founder, MoonshotOS

Peter Baron is a dedicated and seasoned advocate for independent schools. His journey began with a personal transformational experience as a boarding student, which profoundly shaped his future, setting him on a path of over 20 years of service to schools.

Peter served as the Chief Member Relations Officer for the Enrollment Management Association, directing EMA's marketing and communications, member recruitment and retention, outreach functions,  leadership training programs, research, and other related strategic initiatives.

With a career in association management, product development, sales, relationship development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and hosting more than 300 podcasts focused on leadership and independent school growth, Peter's success has been built on listening to schools' and families' needs — rooted in a deep commitment to the transformational experience that independent schools can have for students.

Peter has been recognized throughout his career for his strategic, compassionate, proactive, analytical, and highly collaborative approach. He has showcased his expertise at various conferences, from NAIS to EMA and numerous state and regional associations.


Who is this workshop for?

This is for school leaders who mean business. If you're a decision-maker in an independent school – think heads of schools, directors, administrative leaders – and you’re looking to sharpen your business skills, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to use the Business Case Canvas – a practical, straightforward tool for dissecting and solving your school's toughest challenges. We’re talking real-world application here, with skills that you can put to use right away.

Is this just another lecture-style event?

Absolutely not. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop. You’ll be actively working in groups, engaging in real case studies, and applying what you learn as you go. No snooze-fest lectures here.

How long is the workshop?

It’s a half-day event, around 4-5 hours. We respect your time – it’s focused, no filler. We pack a lot in, so be prepared for an intensive, engaging session.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Bring an open mind and a willingness to learn. We’ll provide the rest – materials, frameworks, and a bunch of real-life scenarios to work through.

Can my whole leadership team attend?

Yes! The more minds, the better. This workshop is designed to benefit entire leadership teams, fostering a unified approach to decision-making.

How much does it cost?

Great question! Contact Peter Baron for pricing details. Travel and accommodations are billed separately.

Call 877-842-2820



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