Case Study:

The Cost of Turnover: How Investing in Talent Management Transforms Independent Schools

Angela Brown
Booth Kyle

An interview with Greg Martin, Vermont Academy

Solving the Puzzle: Smart Strategies for Independent School Hiring and Retention

Step into a world of practical solutions for school staffing plans. This case study offers fresh, effective hiring and retention strategies designed specifically for independent school leaders.

More than just an interview, it's a deep dive into the intricacies of faculty hiring and retention—it's a possible blueprint for how independent schools approach their most valuable asset: their staff.

What Awaits You:

  • Redefining Recruitment: Discover how to view faculty hiring through an enrollment management lens, bringing innovative strategies to your recruitment efforts that go beyond traditional methods.

  • Cultivating a Unique Culture: Learn how fostering a distinctive school culture attracts top talent and ensures they thrive within your community, contributing to a vibrant and sustainable educational environment.

  • Strategic Staffing Insights: Greg Martin shares his perspective on creating staffing models that adapt to modern expectations and challenges, ensuring your school remains competitive and appealing to the best educators.

  • Harnessing Digital Influence: Unveil the potential of maximizing your school's online presence to attract and retain faculty in an era where digital visibility is paramount.

  • Engagement Beyond the Classroom: Explore innovative ways to engage with prospective staff and the entire school community, reinforcing your institution's values and strengths through mission-aligned initiatives.

  • Navigating Market Dynamics: Address today's evolving faculty/staff recruitment landscape confidently, understanding how to communicate your school's unique value proposition in a way that resonates with potential staff members.

This exclusive case study offers an indispensable toolkit for independent school leaders poised to redefine their staffing strategy in a competitive educational landscape.

Dive into this insightful interview and prepare yourself with the knowledge and strategies to not only navigate but excel in the ever-evolving world of independent school staffing.

Watch a preview:

What comes with the case study?

1. Watch the video or listen to it as a podcast.

Learn from Greg Martin, Vermont Academy about strategic approaches to faculty/staff hiring and retention strategies. The interview is available as a podcast as well!

2. Interview transcript

For the note-takers at heart: Dive into our detailed interview transcript and jot down your insights.

3. Discussion prompts

Dive into the lessons at your next team meeting using a set of curated discussion prompts.

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